What your podiatrists will never tell you about plantar fasciitis


Plantar fasciitis is one of the most painful things a person can endure.


Trust me I know, having suffered from this condition for many years.


Like most people, I tried every cure and remedy in the book, from those special shoes, to anti-inflammatories and more.


(And at one point I even considered surgery.)


But lucky for me I discovered a simple solution


You see, the issue with those cures is they are only a temporary solution, and in many cases end up making your problem worse.


Yes, they can relive the pain, but it always comes back.


And to cure plantar fasciitis permanently you need to treat the cause, not the symptoms.


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It’s going to tell you why your podiatrist is hiding the truth from you, and how you can eliminate the pain in just 5 minutes a day.


The man behind this video is a personal trainer who almost had his career ended by plantar fasciitis.


Several years ago he started experiencing pain in his feet.


And when he went to the podiatrist he learnt it was plantar fasciitis.


He was given pain medication and told to stay off his feet.


But day by day the pain increased, until he thought he would go insane.


No matter what he did the pain was there, and eventually he had to quit work.


But sitting at home gave him time to research this condition, and soon he discovered the real cause of plantar fasciitis. And once he did this he was able eliminate it permanently.


With this method you can cure plantar fasciitis and get back on your feet again


You don’t need the doctors and their rubbish medicine.


And you certainly don’t need surgery, which is usually unsuccessful.


(Or bogus snake oil treatments like special shoes, massage, acupuncture or physical therapy.)


The solution to plantar fasciitis is easier than you think.


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